About us

Bioexplore is a Genomics-IT solution and in silico analysis outsourcing company.


The main goal of BIOEXPLORE is to support collection and analysis of In Silico biological data quickly and easily in a more meaningful way as targeted information.


Our services are mostly used by pharma and biotech companies, research hospitals, universities and individual research establishments worldwide.


Now we have market experience of more than 10 year in providing bioinformatics services. And we have gone through:


1. More bioinformatics tools, more research perspective.

2. Bioinformatics is outsourced because of in-depth knowledge diversity. Bioinformatists are not in same state of mind despite same experience.

3. Thinking is a big part of practicing bioinformatics.

4. In bioinformatics nothing seems outdated except thoughts. An old script can save many hours.

5. Experience and experiment saturates more expression.

6. Every converted information has a key code. The key code conditionally may not be unique. The key code is the product of algorithm/program.

7. Let the turn of every medicine come and only way to know it without symptoms you need bioinformatics and smart bioinformatist.

8. Bioinformatics is Artificial Bio Intelligence.

9. Bioinformatics is 100% about planed strategy. Strategy fails output fails.

10. If wrong and long way followed, algorithms will follow you, the wrong and long way too.

11. Genomics is a child of diversity.

12. Biomarker is purpose specific. They are multiple purposes with multiple sources needed to be matched for specific and desired result.

13. For some people biomarker is a desired expressive expression of bio molecules and for some it’s the molecular formula behind the expression.

14. Some questions in bioinformatics are always evergreen. Like! Did you found an unique disease mutation from your analysis?

15. Big bioinformatics data has made us more particular.

16. Fluctuation in evolutionary distance fluctuates drugs and diagnostics efficacy.

17. Dynamic molecular distance responsible for drug resistance.

Our expertise

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