Our Bioinformatics Services are in:


1. Online text mining

Pubmed, Pubmed Central (PMC) and Patent database related text mining

Anytype of business related biological information search


2. Data Analysis

Different types of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data analysis: RNA-Seq, mRNA-Seq, miRNA-Seq, Chip-Seq, BS-Seq, Metagenomics, metatranscriptomics

Microarray analysis

Protein related Biomarker designing and optimization

Drug target identification in protein Structure

Drug designing

Other bioinformatics analytics


3. Content writing and editing

Content writing

Editing text & image formats


4. Databases

Biological "data entry" in databases

Database design and development


Our Services results

1. Analysis reports

2. Informed documents from online search

3. Databases

Our expertise

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